Vision and Mission

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  • To see Kenya, and by extension Africa truly saved through the preaching of the authentic Gospel-the doctrines of Grace.
  • To see recovery of genuine religion from the avalanche of false expressions of Christianity in professing churches.
  • To see men and women properly trained, and armed for Gospel tasks,leading missionary outreaches, and themselves raising Biblical churches to worship our great savior in Spirit and in Truth in the reformed tradition.


  1. Evangelizing our Churches,communities through open air mass evangelism drives, door to door/person to person initiatives
  2. Theological and ministry training programs under the banner of Wisdom Training Centers (WTC), scattered across Kenya.This is a critical cog in our mission and is indeed our flagship program
  3. Production of Gospel materials including books, pamphlets,tracts,Audio and Video presentations.We hope you will find some of these as you surf this website
  4. Holding country wide and regional Conferences and seminars which we call REFORMATION CONFERENCES.The Lord has been pleased over the years to use these conferences to bring challenge to hundreds who have over the years attended these meetings (many of whom have come from Pentecostal,Charismatic and word of faith backgrounds)

We trust you see how great and dire the task before us is and we pray the Lord challenges you to get involved in any way you can.You will find our contacts in the contacts section; please communicate with us and we shall be happy to answer your questions and provide more information

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