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learning how to operate a sewing machine

This idea was born early this year (January) when a team from Australia visited us. Kirsty, Richard,Lisa and Joel stayed with us for about 4 days.During this time discussions would reveal a need to give a skill to the many women around us (especially in Church), who for various reasons never went to school to acquire a skill.This is a real big problem, especially if you consider that the Kenyan woman just like her other African counterparts is expected to not only be a home maker, but also a provider for the family.This never used to be so in the old days,but with the disintegrating fabric of our society with every waking day,women find themselves burdened not only with cultural,family,social and other such prejudices,but on top of all that increasingly having to bear the burden of providing for herself and her children.It is for this reason they must learn a skill to help them fend for themselves and their children.

The tailoring and dressmaking happens in our Church hall

It is in this backdrop,coupled with a desire to give our women a meeting place where they can fellowship in the things of the Lord while gaining a skill for future use,that the tailoring and dress making idea school was mooted.This school and hopefully the products they will produce will also be the contact point between the women of the church and the community which desperately need their witness as well.

Kirsty and Richard Ford have been used of the Lord to support this program this far.