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This is the 3rd installment-FOUNDATIONS OF DECEPTION-THE KINGDOM OF DARKNESS, part of a nine part series.

In the first message,we set the agenda and called everyone to a battle mindset.We did then emphasized why it is of vital importance that we identify the pillars or foundations upon which the deception of our tomes rest if we hope to confront it.

In the second message we spoke of the foundations of deception which are identified and predicted by Biblical prophecy,and how scriptures make certain of the apostate period we find ourselves in.

In his 3rd presentation,Pastor Elly deals with foundations of deception which emanate from THE KINGDOM OF DARKNESS, Pastor Elly will contend that the falling away which we witness is not random and it is not haphazard-THERE IS A CLEAR STRATEGY BEING ROLLED OUT.Satan himself leads this charge in front a host of his minions,while the church sleeps.The hounds of Hell are busy and unrelenting,the Christian Church must wake up.

This is a call to arms,a call to the battle front,whether we realize or not,every Christian person is engaged in a fierce conflict,this that age old battle laid bare in Biblical Prophecy-IGNORANCE IS SUICIDAL

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