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14 months ago a baby was abandoned a few meters from our home.It had just been born a few hours, perhaps minutes before.It was still bloody and caked in drying blood.His umbilical cord was as yet uncut, and from the look of his petite fragile body he was quickly succumbing to the drizzling chilly morning he had been abandoned to.He was turning bluish and we knew we had to race against time to save this young life.A  neighbor who heard the struggles the unknown mother had in the dark wading off marauding dogs,told us of a baby whose life was nothing less than a miracle of God.We called Him Baby James .

The mysterious mother would most likely be a distraught young girl who felt her baby had a better chance in a christian family.Baby James is most likely of Islamic parentage,since our area is overwhelmingly a Muslim population.What an opportunity to raise a would be child of Hell to a potential child of heaven? My wife and I reckon God placed baby James on our laps for a life time of witnessing.

!4 months down the line,we are so glad to see baby James make progress in life,hopefully when he is of decision making age,we shall be helped to bring the Gospel to him and hope for the saving of his soul.

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