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Pastor at Gospel Missions Agency-Kenya & principal Wisdom Training Center
Pastor Elly Achok Olare

The Lord caught up with me after more than 17 years in false religion. It was in a clear afternoon, the year 2008 when wrestled me powerfully form my high horse of self-deception. I came in contact with the unedited Gospel of God’s free Grace through the preaching of a man and woman who have since become so integral to this ministry; Billy Sked and his wife Tessa Sked. 17 years of ‘crusade’ and conference preaching came apart; tumbling down as it were like a house of cards. My eyes were opened, my dead heart made alive, and my vain ‘service for God’ was laid bare before me. You can read this testimony in full by clicking the blue link  below. Feelings of loss and dismay were overwhelming, confusion and denial weighed heavy upon me. My Pentecostal, Charismatic and word of faith Background was being shown for what it really was; “a man-made, works based religion” .Despite pretenses to Grace and jargon that sounded like it, my religion was far from the message of Grace clearly revealed in the Scriptures. How could I have been so wrong for so long? My very soul had been in the gravest of danger-eternal damnation while I sincerely believed myself a preacher. MY TESTIMONY IN FULL



Partners by the Grace of God and faithful supporters of this Gospel recovery work
Evangelist Billy & Mama Tessa Sked

The Lord touched my life with saving Grace and showed me the glories and saving power of the Gospel of God’s sovereign Grace. Immediately the Lord put a tremendous burden in my heart to reach back to my kindred. Like myself I knew millions are trapped in a treadmill of a works based salvation, deluded with a false assurance while they walk towards damnation. We read of their tragic fate in Matthew 7:20-23, when our Lord Jesus on the last day declares to church folk, those who prided themselves in the mighty works “…I never knew you”. I knew from my own experience that many preachers like myself then, are truly blind guides to the blind-Matthew 15:14.I could not believe what I came to see so clearly with the new eyes the Lord gave to me, such massive apostasy in the church scene! Such a departure from Biblical Christianity!

So from very personal experience and dealings of the Lord in my soul, I came to see the spiritual problem of our times as essentially three pronged;

  1. A false Gospel which is at best extra-Biblical and at worst completely unbiblical. This modern gospel sows tares in churches, giving rise to worldly Christianity that cannot merit the title. It has produced a church so worldly that one struggles to differentiate it from the world around it. It is so weak it cannot bear the witness of the risen savior. Her gospel is a man centered, synthetic message, which would have been alien to our Lord Jesus Christ, His Apostles and the vast testimony of Church History down the running centuries. It is what I have called in my book dealing with this apostasy ‘The Poisoned Chalice-reflections on the invitation system’
  2. A sad and tragic scarcity of men with the true Gospel in their mouths. Theological colleges today churn out liberal intellectuals to whom the gospel ministry is no more than a career. Pastors and preachers have long lost gospel integrity, and have turned to merchandising and profiteering with the sacred calling. These men abandoned any pretense to the gospel, and have perfected themselves in the art of entertaining the ‘flock’. They are professional counselors and psychotherapists, helping people to improve their temporal lives. They are not Gospel preachers, they are not Shepherds of the flock (Acts 20:28-29).
  3. A world mired in sin and depravity and a hopeless church carrying a flickering lamp. The great commission rings loud and accusingly in our ears “Go ye into all the world and preach the Gospel”-Matthew 28:19-20. We see this sad state and weep for the fate of humanity.

So as we have seen the problem in a three-fold perspective, our mandate has accordingly assumed a corresponding three-fold approach.

  1. We see our mandate broadly as confronting frontally the darkness of false religion and its expressions. We believe this darkness is a direct product of a false gospel which has gained dominance in Christendom. In churches, Conferences, seminars, workshops, person to person, through writings and tracts, we see ourselves primarily as attempting by the Grace of God to roll back this darkness. We have much to share with you in this connection through our Newsletters and reports
  2. We know our efforts will be multiplied and speeded (God willing), if we raise an army of evangelized men and women, themselves born again and thoroughly persuaded of their faith in Christ. We believe such men and women are to be trained and equipped in the authentic gospel and sent out to the harvest field to bring in the harvest. We see it as our mandate to raise the ranks and work for a groundswell which would in the will of God see our savior proclaimed truly and fully. It is in this connection we shall say more to you about Wisdom Training Centers (W.T.C) colleges and programs
  3. This is essentially a Gospel ministry-an Evangelistic ministry. Everything we do, from the conferences to the books and literature, to the training programs we have; are for the sole purpose of bringing the Gospel of Christ to a dying humanity. This is the bottom-line and for this we exist and work.

I want to especially invite you to prayerfully consider how you may become a part of this mandate. Come with us and let us take up arms for the cause of our savior-for the Gospel of Christ, the only hope for humanity.

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Pastor Elly Achok Olare

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